What To Expect Before and After Our Weight Loss Treatment

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The road to achieving a healthy weight and staying healthy can be challenging for a number of reasons. Some people lack the motivation to stay on track. Meanwhile, others get frustrated with their slow progress and get discouraged. 

Regardless of the reason, the fact still remains that a weight loss journey is not something that is taken lightly. Rather, it requires a combination of strategies such as setting realistic goals and even seeking support from healthcare professionals. 

Fortunately, the Hebe Medical Spa offers a holistic weight loss treatment for patients who are in need of help. Curious how it works? 

Read on to know more.

Weight Loss Treatments in Fishkill & Latham

The Hebe Spa offers a weight loss treatment by way of weekly injectables to patients in Fishkill and Latham, NY. 

It’s a 10-week program that combines two injectable medications to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. Moreover, aside from helping patients with weight loss, the injectables can also improve the body’s composition resulting in a leaner appearance. 

There are two injectables here:

  1. Prescription Peptide – This peptide is known as the “fat-burning peptide.” As such, it helps optimize your body’s metabolism triggering the release and excretion of fat from obese fat cells. 
  2. Prescription Medication – Meanwhile, the prescription medication is taken once a week to help decrease appetite and reduce food intake. It also suppresses food cravings and slows food digestion in the stomach. 

When combined, these two injectables can help you lose weight especially when accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Expectations Before and After Weight Loss Treatment

There are several considerations to keep in mind before and after availing a weight loss treatment here at The Hebe Medical Spa. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Before the treatment proper, you will undergo the following:

  • Consultation. We will discuss your weight loss goals, underlying health conditions, and medical history.
  • Medical Evaluation. We will conduct a thorough medical evaluation, including imaging, blood tests, and the InBody Scale — a device that passes a low electrical current through the body, enabling precise measurements of body fat, muscle mass, and visceral fat. 
  • Weight Loss Plan. After the consultation and evaluation, we will create a customized treatment plan which would include dietary changes and medication, among others.


Once you’re done with the initial injections, we will also give recommendations to help you achieve long-term health benefits. 

  • Dietary Changes and Physical Activity. You may need to follow a specific diet plan tailored to your weight loss treatment. Aside from that, you will also be encouraged to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine.
  • Follow-up Care. To ensure effective results, you will be required to have follow-up charts. This can include adjusting medications and monitoring your progress.
  • Weight Maintenance. Once you achieve your ideal weight, the Hebe Medical Spa can offer guidance and support to help you maintain your body goals.

Remember that weight loss is a journey and the key to its success is a combination of efforts. 

Hence, aside from healthy life choices, you will also need medical guidance and ongoing support. This is where we can help you. 

So what are you waiting for? Call us today or schedule an appointment now. 

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