"Never stop achieving "

Hebe Medical Spa, helmed by the recognized CEO Irina Damyanidu, is a renowned boutique medical spa that offers a carefully selected range of nonsurgical facial, body, and skin treatments. Their top-notch treatment areas boast cutting-edge technology to provide the most advanced care possible. Additionally, they offer a wide array of services, including injectables, skincare, hair treatments, laser procedures, wellness programs, body treatments, a medical weight loss program, peptide therapy, and hormonal replacement therapy.

Irina, a former competitive swimmer, holds numerous national swimming records in Bulgaria, some of which have remained unbroken for over three decades. Her experience in swimming has taught her important life skills such as discipline, goal-setting, resilience, time management, teamwork, self-motivation, and focus. These skills have greatly contributed to her success as a business owner. In 2000, Irina came to America with a swimming scholarship and initially landed in Atlanta. Despite feeling a bit scared in a new country with only $20 in her pocket, she managed to graduate from Wheeling Jesuit University in three years and later moved to New York. Starting as a mortgage loan officer, she eventually became a manager and later transitioned to the banking industry. In 2018, Irina and Dr. Z established Hebe Medical Spa, which now operates three locations in Fishkill, Latham, and Saratoga Springs.

According to Irina, it’s crucial to work together toward long-term objectives and maintain a unified vision. It is important to her to communicate these goals clearly to her team, as it creates a sense of purpose and enables them to achieve exceptional results. While she sets high standards for her team, she also ensures that they receive continuous coaching and support, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Irina’s leadership style is adaptable to different situations and the specific needs of her team and business.

Irina strongly believes in effective communication, promoting open dialogue, leading by example, and fostering collaboration. She consistently provides thorough explanations for any changes, clearly outlines the desired outcome, and ensures that it aligns with the overall business objectives. Irina prioritizes transparency to reduce uncertainty, and she readily offers assistance and resources to her team whenever necessary. In addition, she acknowledges the possibility of resistance and concerns and takes proactive steps to address them. Moreover, she diligently works towards implementing the change swiftly in order to minimize any potential disruptions.
Their ultimate goal is to establish themselves as the foremost medical spa in the communities they cater to by providing an exceptional client experience, state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge treatments, a team of highly skilled professionals, and actively engaging with and supporting the communities they serve.

To achieve the above, Irina has three main priorities that she is focused on. Firstly, she aims to expand and grow the market by identifying and opening two new markets, resulting in a total of five medical spas. Furthermore, she strives to maximize profits and efficiency. She also emphasizes the development of her employees and their engagement with the business. She invests a significant amount of money and time in training and development to improve their skills and ensure their loyalty. For her, it is important to work towards creating a positive work environment and aligning her employees’ goals with the strategic objectives of the business. Lastly, Irina places great importance on the client experience. She continuously works on improving it by ensuring her employees are well-trained and that the services they provide are safe, innovative, and of the highest quality.

Irina believes that competition in highly beneficial for her business. Given that their industry is experiencing rapid growth, numerous new medical spas have emerged in recent years. Irina consistently prioritizes running a reputable business, ensuring her clients receive an outstanding experience. Her team is extensively trained and maintains a high level of professionalism. 

Irina has a deep love of her business, and the most fulfilling aspect of her work is the opportunity to assist individuals in looking and feeling their best. She strongly believes that growing older should not hinder anyone from feeling beautiful and full of life. She expresses immense gratitude for being able to contribute to this on a daily basis. Irina’s ultimate goal is to ensure that clients who choose their services have an exceptional experience, achieve a beautiful outcome, and feel truly confident!

Irina Damyanidu

Chief Executive Officer Hebe Medical Spa

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