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EC02 Skin Treatments

EC02 Skin Treatments Albany

From ultra-deep to superficial ablation, the eCO2 has the features needed to address a broad range of clinical conditions. Our eCO2 procedure is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum of resurfacing treatments for your skin. It provides the latest technology in laser resurfacing that is now able to treat a “fraction” of the skin, which allows for faster healing times. It can also be used to treat a wider range of skin problems by the application of more variable energies and improved precision. See below.

eC02 Plus

Our eC02 laser offers 2 different treatment options to improve your skin’s imperfections. The first is eC02 Plus which offers an advanced fractional skin resurfacing system that provides improvements on a variety of skin issues. For example; it reduces facial lines and wrinkles, improves the appearance of surgical scars and acne scars, can reduce sun damage, remove brown spots and vascular conditions, as well as many other benefits.

eC02 Tone

Alongside the above-mentioned eC02 Plus procedure is our second treatment which is known as the eC02 Tone. This readjustment of the laser acts more a quicker, non-invasive laser therapy, focused on delivering light energy to the skin. In this instance, the skin tissue is heated very quickly but in tiny, minuscule doses, which provides residual warmth in the body. There is little to zero downtime associated with this more comfortable version of the two treatment options. The eC02 tone looks to improve rhytids, wrinkles, fine lines, textural irregularities, pigmented lesions, and/or vascular dyschromia.

EC02 Skin Treatments Before & After

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eC02 Skin Treatments Use Cases

Our eC02 skin treatment is perfect for those who suffer from the following conditions:

• Wrinkles, Rhytids & Fine Lines

• Textural Irregularities

• Dyschromia

• Scars (Acne, Burn, Surgical, etc.)

• Pigmented Lesions & Lentigines

• Skin Resurfacing

• Solar/Actinic Elastosis

• Incision & Excision Capabilities

• Nevi and Skin Blemishes

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Get in touch with our team today if you are curious to see if our eC02 laser skin treatments are right for you. The multi-mode eCO2 platform provides our patients with complete peace of mind with its proven reliability, and safety record, whilst also loving their results and comfortable treatment experience. 

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