Hollywood Spectra

The Hollywood Spectra laser targets pigment in the cells, both from tattoo ink and hyperpigmentation, breaking it up to be removed naturally by your body.

How Does Hollywood Spectra Work?

The Hollywood Laser Peel works with a patented carbon lotion to heat deep into the dermis, stimulating collagen and removing superficial dead skin cells and impurities, resulting in clearer, more youthful-looking skin!

What Can Hollywood Laser Peel Do For Me?

What Can Hollywood Laser Peel Do For Me?

Safe for all Skin types!

Is There A Downtime?

With virtually little-to-no downtime, you may immediately return to your daily activities. Some treatments may create a minor erythema that could last 1-3 hours.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

What Can I Do To Maximize My Results?

Wearing UV protection and a hat can help protect your revitalized skin and prevent sun damage. Taking these steps can be enhance and preserve your results. This is especially important after treating melasma and other unwanted pigment in your skin.

Dreaming of skin that's red-carpet-ready?

Turn that dream into a reality with our Hollywood Spectra treatment at Hebe Medical Spa! Known for its incredible rejuvenating effects, Hollywood Spectra will leave your skin glowing, clear, and impossibly smooth. Don’t wait to become the star of your own life—book your Hollywood Spectra session today and unveil a luminous, camera-ready you!
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