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About truSculpt 3D

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, nonsurgical body contouring (body sculpting) is listed as one of the top nonsurgical treatments. Also known as body sculpting, this nonsurgical way to sculpt and define the body is expected to continue to grow as new technologies continue to help men and women attain the look they want. The truSculpt 3D takes your fat loss game to a whole new level. With controlled radiofrequency (RF) heat, your truSculpt 3D clinician can help you take off small amounts of unwanted body fat to be naturally eliminated through your body. Unlike surgical liposuction, the truSculpt 3D is noninvasive, which means there are no incisions made into your skin. This treatment does not need to be performed in a hospital or a surgical center.

When you have tried to lose fat and inches and stay true to a healthy diet and exercise routine, it can be very frustrating to not see the results you want. You invest your time, money, and energy into feeling and looking good. You want to see you hard work and diligence pay off! That’s where truSculpt 3D can help.

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Best Candidates

The truSculpt 3D body sculpting device is ideal if you have small pockets of unwanted fat. Available to men and women, this treatment is implemented with a handheld device, which can deliver clinically proven results typically in one 60-minute session. Candidates for this treatment should have a goal to reduce specific fat pockets that diet and exercise alone cannot attain. Your provider will ask detailed questions about your goals and work with you to make a decision about your candidacy for this procedure.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, we will evaluate the areas of interest for a body sculpting treatment. Measurements will be taken and symmetry will also be noted. An asymmetrical body means that both sides of your body are not exactly the same size or shape. This is a common occurrence and can be addressed with the truSculpt 3D. Any pudgy areas that you find concerning or questions you want to ask should be brought up in the privacy of the consultation. “Before” photos will be taken so they can be compared after approximately 12 weeks.

A Caring and Modern Approach