Saratoga Laser Treatments with LaseMD

The LaseMD Ultra is the most recent pigment correcting technology. Lutronic ULTRATM uses mild, non-ablative fractionated treatments to restore bright, healthy skin.

LaseMD Ultra

The LaseMD Ultra is the most recent pigment correcting technology. Lutronic ULTRATM uses mild, non-ablative fractionated treatments to restore bright, healthy skin. This laser has the maximum possible power and can be adjusted from moderate to severe, resulting in fast treatments that may be tailored to any skin type. The laser is safe to use all year and provides moderate, effective worldwide treatment for all pigmented skin diseases. Treatments are far more pleasant than prior resurfacing pigment systems, with little to no downtime and almost instant results.

The LaseMD ULTRA is a high-powered platform that may be used to treat age spots (lentigos), sunspots (solar lentigos), freckles (ephilides), Actinic Keratoses, and other benign pigmented lesions in all skin types.

What is Pigmentation?

Melanocytes are unique cells in the skin that produce melanin, a pigment that influences skin color.

Melanin production is impaired when these particular cells are injured or diseased; certain illnesses impact the entire body, while others only affect patches of skin. Darker skin is caused by high amounts of melanin, lighter skin is caused by low levels of melanin, and Albinism is caused by a whole or partial lack of melanin.

LaseMD is a low-downtime laser that resurfaces the skin and improves its texture and tone. Treatments may be tailored to your specific requirements and timetable.

What To Expect

LaseMD is suitable for use on the face, neck, and chest (decollate). Mild to moderate age spots, freckles, sun spots, pigmented lesions, sun damage, and actinic keratosis can all be treated with this laser (pre-cancerous lesions)

Frequently Asked Question

Depending upon your expectations, you may see results after a single treatment while other skin conditions could require several visits.

The best results will be achieved through completing 5 treatment sessions. You will require a consultation prior to treatment, however, to assess the total number of session needed to gain desired and optimum results. Discuss your experience with your provider.

Treatments range form 15-20 min, depending upon the area being treated. Some treatments are so quick that patients refer to it as Lunchtime Facial.

This treatment is ideal for those seeking more punch from their skincare program, without resorting to more invasive or intense skin procedures. As a precaution, we do not carry out this treatment for those who are pregnant or who are lactating or breast feeding. It is also a great treatment for those seeking a brighter complexion, reversal of skin damage and an alternative without downtime.

You will experience mild redness following your treatment and you will be able to resume normal activities immediately.

Full healing may take 5-7 days but makeup may be applied sooner upon direction from your treatment provider

Wrinkles – Aging – Dull complexion – Melasma – Pigmentation – Skin laxity – Hair loss – Scarring – Damaged skin
Yes! Anyone can benefit from Ultra’s cutting-edge technology

Unlock radiant, younger-looking skin with LaseMD Ultra at Hebe Medical Spa!

This advanced treatment targets a variety of skin concerns, offering rejuvenation like never before. Don’t miss out—schedule your consultation today and experience the transformative power of LaseMD Ultra.

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