Hydrate Your Way to Glowing Skin with IV Hydration Therapy


Hydrate Your Way to Glowing Skin with IV Hydration Therapy

Most people associate intravenous (IV) fluids with illness. And that’s understandable. IV fluids are usually administered in hospitals to prevent dehydration and deliver basic nutrients to sick people. 

However, for the last few years, IV Hydration has been gaining popularity for healthy people. This is what we call IV Therapy, and it can help hydrate your way to a healthier body and a glowing skin. 

Read on to know more. 

What Is IV Hydration?

IV Hydration Therapy refers to a treatment that delivers vitamins, nutrients, and minerals straight into your circulation through an IV drip. 

Since IV Hydration bypasses the digestive system and goes directly to the bloodstream, the medication works quicker and more reliably than those taken orally; This also means that your body can process 100% of the nutrients it needs.

What Are The Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy?

There are many reasons why IV Hydration is good for you. Here are some of the initial benefits that you can get after the treatment: 

  • Boosted energy;
  • Instant rehydration;
  • Better sense of well-being;
  • Improved mood;
  • Diminished joint pain; and
  • Relief from migraines and headaches. 

But IV Therapy doesn’t only make you feel good on the inside — it can also work wonders for those seeking to achieve clear, glowing skin. Aside from nutrients and minerals, IV drips use antioxidants, which cause your skin to glow and radiate. 

Beyond making your skin glow, these antioxidants also help eliminate free radicals, adding extra nourishment. 

How Does IV Therapy Work?

To understand how IV Hydration works, here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect during your visit: 

  1. Your provider will assess which nutrients are appropriate for your treatment depending on your desired goals. 
  2. A physical exam and/or a blood test may be part of your medical examination to see if you’re a good candidate for IV Therapy. 
  3. Once the preliminary matters are complete and your treatment plan has been determined, a very little butterfly needle will be put into the infusion location. 
  4. The infusion is painless and at most, you will feel a warm sensation. 
  5. Most sessions only last for an hour depending on the nutrients utilized during your IV Hydration session. 

What Nutrients Are Administered?

Every type of infusion involves a comprehensive list of vitamins based on patients’ treatment goals. For clear and glowing skin, the following vitamins may help:


Glutathione is a naturally occurring chemical in the body that acts as an antioxidant. Aside from providing an energy boost, it is also helpful in promoting your skin’s general health. Plus, it aids in the anti-aging process. 


Meanwhile, Zinc is another antioxidant that helps with acne. In addition to helping your skin look clearer, it also ensures proper protein absorption and it strengthens the immune system.

Amino Acids

On the other hand, amino acids promote good skin and hair. They also help promote healing, providing support to the immune system. They also are known to help elevate your mood! 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C benefits skin health with high levels in both epidermis and dermis. It fights cancer, boosts collagen, enhances sunscreen effectiveness, repairs skin, and fights signs of aging.

Vitamin D

The downside of protecting our skin from the sun is that this may lead to a deficiency in Vitamin D — one of the best allies for your skin. Adding Vitamin D to your mix of supplements has been known to help improve cell turnover, calm inflammation, and even out skin tone. (It is even used to help treat psoriasis!)

These are just some of the many other ingredients found in infusions available for patients in Latham and Fishkill, NY. If you want to know more about what works for you, call us today or book an appointment now. 

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